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Ethnography Study: Interview Report

July 20, 2010

by Amy McLeod
July 20, 2010

I spent a few hours Monday walking around Madison Square Garden and searching for interviews for my ethnography study.  Our assignment is to tell a story, based on these interviews, that is representative of our “street”.

Because it was the middle of the work day, MSG was slightly less hectic than usual.  There wasn’t the madness that typically surrounds Penn Station during rush hours.  There weren’t the mobs of tourists admiring the arena in awe.  Most of the people in the area were working – leaving them with little motivation or time to talk to me.  But I did find a few who were willing to indulge a student.

I first went to Brother Jimmy’s, a sports bar, that sits adjacent to Madison Square Garden.  I spoke to one hostess and one bartender who gave me insight as to the impact that MSG has on their business.  They know, for instance, that when there is a game or concert, they can expect an influx of people before and after the event.  The mentioned repeatedly how much their business would have benefitted if LeBron James had come to the Knicks.

Following my conversation with these two women, I headed into Madison Square Garden to speak with an employee.  I approached one security guard and she directed me to one of her colleagues.  He was very friendly and had been working in MSG for 26 years.  Because of this, he was able to give me information about how the arena has changed over the years.  Unfortunately, because of confidentiality agreements, he was not able to go into too much detail, but he provided me with some good information.

I am planning on speaking with a coworker who has attended events in Madison Square Garden and I look forward to getting her story.  I am hoping that I will be able to use these different stories to tell the full experience that comes with Madison Square Garden.