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In the presence of greatness

June 30, 2010

By Amy McLeod
June 30, 2010

Our visits on Monday to Hill Holliday, Viacom and the New York Times were three that I will not soon forget.  All representing very different areas, these organizations are impressive and are all doing very innovative things.

Hill Holliday is best known for its work with Verizon Wireless.  Everyone knows the “Can you hear me now?” guy.  Everyone knows the red check mark.  Everyone knows that Verizon is known for its good, reliable coverage.  And pretty soon, everyone will know the “Rule the Air” slogan and the new way that Verizon is going to represent itself.   This new campaign is focused not on what Verizon can do for you, but what you can do with Verizon.

Watch one of the new Verizon ads below…

Hill Holiday spends a lot of its time and energy on Verizon Wireless, but also has clients such as BMW, Bank of America, Chili’s and GM.  Hill Holliday is doing a lot of experiential marketing with Verizon and BMW.  This type of marketing brings about an engaged clientele, benefitting both parties.

Viacom, and specifically the MTV Network, is a huge industry.  I was shocked at how many television stations they own and how large the corporation really is.  They have media designed specifically for audiences that range from toddlers with Nick Jr. to baby boomers and beyond with TV Land.  They have stations geared toward men, women and teens.  This variety makes the company one that advertisers love because there is undoubtedly a spot in which a commercial will be appropriate.

In hearing about the MTVN Internship Program, one thing was clear.  The MTV Network greatly values their interns and the unique gifts and ideas that they all bring to the job.  They are encouraged to be themselves, to be creative and to have fun.  They understand that it is when the interns have the freedom to think without restraint that they will bring the most to the network.

To be in the New York Times newsroom was, to say the least, a dream come true.  As a print journalism major – the last one of my kind – that is the kind of place that I aspire to be.  It is the place where breaking news is broken.  It is the place where Pulitzer Prize winning writers are born and bred.  It is the place where the nation and world turn when they want the most accurate, up-to-date and hard-hitting news.

It was amazing to see the new and innovative things that the New York Times is doing.  They are determined to be at the cutting edge of the news and media industry.  And after seeing some of the things that they’ve come up with, I am certain that the New York Times will continue to bring about creative ways for its audience to experience the news.  I’m excited to see where the New York Times will take the news industry.

It seems to me that Hill Holliday, Viacom and the New York Time are all leaders in their respective areas.  They are responsible for cutting edge developments and are continuing to push the envelope.  It was an absolute honor to visit these three companies.