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Putting the Expo in Experiential Marketing

June 28, 2010

By Amy McLeod
June 27, 2010

This weekend, as a part of my internship at CBS Radio’s Chat About It Network, I attended and worked at the CBS Radio Expo.  There were booths set up by each of the New York City CBS Radio stations as well as Chat About It, the digital radio station.

All of the stations were broadcasting live from Yankee Stadium.  These broadcasts allowed those attending the expo – several thousand New Yorkers – to experience radio in a whole new way.  Rather than mindlessly listening to the radio on their morning commute to work, they were fully engaged in the medium.  They could meet the hosts, participate in the live broadcasts and play games to win prizes.  These prizes, such as pens, tote bags and koozies, were marked with the logos of the stations.  This is a marketing took that

Specifically at Chat About It’s booth, those interested could host their own radio show.  Listeners could sign up for 10 minute spots to host their shows, to talk about whatever they wanted and to experience what it’s like to be a talk radio host.

Along with hosting the show, they were entered into a contest to “Become the Next Streaming Radio Star”.  If they win the competition, they have to opportunity to not only host this 10-minute segment, but they could begin their own radio show to be broadcast on Chat About It.

Hosting a radio show is certainly a departure from the traditional way that people understand radio, but it was an effective one.  It keeps the fans coming to the site because they can access their archived radio show on

This type of experiential marketing was very interesting.  Radio can be completely void of human relationship, because you are just listening to people talk or to music play.  But the CBS Expo put faces to those voices, making the audience more invested in the stations.