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Madison Square Garden: What’s in a name?

April 25, 2010

by Amy McLeod
April 24, 2010

Madison Square Garden is not on located Madison Avenue.  It’s not shaped like a square.  And the limited landscaping hardly constitutes a garden.  So what’s the deal?

Madison Square Garden is the self-proclaimed “World’s Most Famous Arena.”  And I think they’re probably right.

It’s the home to the New York Knicks, Liberty and Rangers, as well as the St. John’s basketball team and the National Invitation Tournament (NIT).  It’s hosted some of the biggest performers and performances of all time.

I am interested in learning more about The Garden because of my interest in both sports and entertainment.  It opened in 1968 and there is so much history in the building.

It’s a mecca for both athletes and performers — both strive to make it to Madison Square Garden.  It’s a special place and seems to have a significant impact on those who play (sports or shows) in it.

“I do have a special feeling about Madison Square Garden. When you are at MSG, you have to deliver your best performance.”
Wladimir Klitschko

I would love to learn about it’s history.  What was it before an arena?  What is so special about it?  What does it take to play there?  And where in the world did it get it’s name?

SoHo to Canal: A mixture of old and new, rough and contemporary

April 20, 2010

by Amy McLeod
April 19, 2010

I chose to view the slideshow that documented SoHo to Canal Street, from Broadway to the West Side Highway.  I selected this slideshow because I had always heard about SoHo and Canal Street, but I have never visited them.  I was intrigued and knew the slideshow would give me a good idea of the area.

I was really thrown off when I saw the first pictures of SoHo.  The buildings are stone or brick, there were no pedestrians and no evidence of landscaping. The area I had always imagined to be vibrant and alive appears cold and unappealing.  Graffiti is everywhere, making the area look rundown and rough. As the images take me through the area, I see a lot of evidence of construction and attempts to revamp the area.  I am also beginning to see little markets and restaurants, the first signs that people actually live in the area.

As I continue through the slideshow, the pictures display more residential areas and more appealing scenery.  Outdoor cafes appear to be popular and the occasional hot dog stand is popping up.  This leads me to believe I am entering a more commercial, tourist-heavy area. The buildings look more contemporary and clean, though some buildings are still tagged with graffiti.

As the slideshow takes me further, the pedestrian traffic picks up, buildings look still nicer and the streets are lined with trees.   Brand name shops are obvious and it is clear that we are in a more commercial area.  I’m beginning to see the outdoor shops that are synonymous with Canal Street.  The construction has continued, but I’m realizing that’s probably pretty normal for any NY street.

This slideshow taught me one very important lesson.  Within a matter of blocks, you can be in a completely different neighborhood, with a completely different atmosphere.  We went from rundown to commercial, from vacant to frantically active.  All in a matter of a few blocks, I witnessed two very different ends of the NYC spectrum.

Hello world!

April 19, 2010

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